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Tweets – We had steady mizzle for a long period early, but it gradually cleared. Temps in the 40’s; this winter is notable for not needing Hottie hand warmers. Also, virtually no flood waters the whole “winter”, such as we’ve had one. I think there are species missing/reduced because there just isn’t the need for those birds to hide out in the lowlands. Varied Thrush is exhibit A, but by no means the only one. Where are the Snipe?

All that is to say that today wasn’t very birdy. A few common species were singing up storms, so it wasn’t a QUIET morning, but there just weren’t very many birds, nor very many species.

a.. Greater White-fronted Goose – Brian saw 2 with Cacklers. When we got there, we probably saw that same flock flying away
b.. Common Goldeneye – Pair COPULATING at weir! But only the two birds.
c.. Common Merganser – only seen on a late scan of the lake
d.. Ring-necked Pheasant – Seen flying near the heronry! The guy seems to have moved beyond the Pea Patch
e.. COMMON LOON – two on lake seen on a late scan of the lake, near east shore
f.. Green Heron – flew to Rowing Club ponds just as we were leaving – almost a miss
g.. Northern Saw-whet Owl – one responded with two quick calls around 6:00 a.m., and then silence. Near East Footbridge
h.. The same 4 woodpecker species we’ve had every week in 2019 so far. Still waiting on a sapsucker.
i.. 5 River Otters – family group, also seen every week in 2019 so far
Singing birds included Anna’s Hummingbird, Brown Creeper, Bewick’s Wren, American Robin, Purple Finch, Song Sparrow, and Red-winged Blackbird. Common Goldeneye copulating. Great Blue Herons bringing nest materials to heronry.

Misses included Ring-necked Duck(not seen since 1st week of December), Greater Scaup (no scaup AT ALL this winter), Hooded Merganser, Ring-billed Gull, Cooper’s Hawk, and Bushtit.

For the day, just 51 species. For the year, we’re up to 66.

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