[Tweeters] I know where west 90 is.

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Samish Island Road makes two 90* turns between Edison and Samish Island.  The west 90 is south of Samish Island.  It is easy to find as it is a Department of Fish & Wildlife site complete with parking, trails, and a Port-A-Pottie.  You need a Discover Pass to legally park there.
Going east from the west 90 towards Edison, Samish Island Road makes a  90* turn north just past Bayview-Edison Rd.  That  is the east 90.  It is a bend in the road, nothing more. There are a few wide shoulders where you can park. 

As someone already said, be considerate about driving and parking so you don't interfere with others using the road.   Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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