[Tweeters] Rare Café-colored Crow pigment mutation near Seward Park 1.21.2019

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Mon Jan 21 15:12:06 PST 2019

That blond crow at Seward Park has been there for at least a year! I took photos of it last winter:


Good birding, Joshua Glant

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> Hi Tweets,


> That’s a beautiful bird, Gary! It reminds me of a brown crow I’ve seen in Lincoln Park (West Seattle) - photos here. Although my local one doesn’t have the dramatic coloring of Gary’s, I wonder if there might be some shared genetic modifications.


> Good birding to all,

> Trileigh

> (About to head for Tanzania, woohoo!)


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> Subject: [Tweeters] Rare Café-colored Crow pigment mutation near Seward Park 1.21.2019


> I saw an unusually pigmented crow (I've never seen anything like it before) this morning from the pedestrian path along Lake Washington Blvd, about 1/2 mile north of Seward Park. Overall, it was café-au-lait, with a darker brown head and proximal tail, medium brown over the back and much of the wings, and white wing tips and distal tail and flight feathers.


> It was foraging on the lawn near where some picnic must have happened, since it took flight with what appeared to be a piece of watermelon.


> I took a quick burst of iPhone photos (low quality), which I've posted on the public Flickr account at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/145727674@N05/?



> If they are not visible I can also email them to anyone who is interested.


> I sent some of the photos to Dennis Paulson, who said he'd never seen one like it either and suggested that it was a rare mutation. He hoped some photographers might track it down and get better images.


> Good hunting!


> Gary Kelsberg

> Seattle


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