[Tweeters] Rare Café-colored Crow pigment mutation near Seward Park 1.21.2019

kelsberg kelsberg at uw.edu
Mon Jan 21 11:52:36 PST 2019

I saw an unusually pigmented crow (I've never seen anything like it before) this morning from the pedestrian path along Lake Washington Blvd, about 1/2 mile north of Seward Park. Overall, it was café-au-lait, with a darker brown head and proximal tail, medium brown over the back and much of the wings, and white wing tips and distal tail and flight feathers.

It was foraging on the lawn near where some picnic must have happened, since it took flight with what appeared to be a piece of watermelon.

I took a quick burst of iPhone photos (low quality), which I've posted on the public Flickr account at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/145727674@N05/?

If they are not visible I can also email them to anyone who is interested.

I sent some of the photos to Dennis Paulson, who said he'd never seen one like it either and suggested that it was a rare mutation. He hoped some photographers might track it down and get better images.

Good hunting!

Gary Kelsberg


kelsberg at u dot washington dot edu
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