[Tweeters] Lesser Goldfinches at my Feeders - new link

Anthony birds at ocbirds.com
Sat Jan 19 14:01:57 PST 2019


We had these in our backyard for 8 years on our feeders in Orange County CA. They look good for LEGOs based on these images.

It looks like thistle in the feeders which is what they consume

Anthony Gliozzo

Camano Island

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Hello Tweets,

Sorry about my last post on the LEGO's that had a bad link to the photos. Try this one:


Also, I believe I have a third one is coming to my feeders now, which is either another female or a juvenile. I am waiting on Ryan Merrill to confirm. I believe they may be living in a bush down the block in a neighbor's yard where I have seen the AMGO's, so if I can confirm that I might be able to post directions on how to come look for them.

Happy yard birding!

Garrett Haynes

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