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The winter schedule goes through March 30 and doesn’t go to Canada. The international service resumes on the spring schedule.

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Hello Jane and Tweeters,
I was a bit saddened and surprised to read your post regarding the operating dates of the Anacortes to Sidney run. I've taken that ferry numerous times in the spring and have loved the experience.

With all do respect to the employee you talked to on the phone, I suspect they are mistaken. The Anacortes-Sidney ferry ran from April to January according to last years schedule. During the 4/1-6/24 and 9/30-1/5 time tables there is one round trip run a day (leaving at 8:30am from Anacortes). There are two runs a day in the summer.

Last year's spring and fall schedules:

If they were looking at these schedules to reference your question it might be easy to mis the international run since it's somewhat buried in the other Anacortes sailings. I could find no news mention of any changes in the BC or local press regarding any changes, which I would imagine would be newsworthy. Hopefully the spring 2019 schedule will prove me right.

I can't recommend the Anacortes to Sidney run enough. It's an absolutely wonderful ride through some of Washington's most scenic places. The Tsawassen run, by contrast is very, very bland and boring. BC has a fantastic ferry system, but that run is not its highlight.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA
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