[Tweeters] Upadate on Victoria Ferry

Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 13:26:53 PST 2019

Dear Tweetsters - Recently, I posted to Tweeters comparing three ferry
routes to Victoria, assuming we would be driving from central Seattle.

I concluded that for a trip in early June, the best route for us would
be the Washington State Ferries (WSF)route from Anacortes to Sidney, BC.

However, I have since found out that that is not the case.

It was difficult to get information about the Anacortes-Sidney run,
because it does not run in winter. Inexplicably in my mind, the WSF
website and  phone app provide no information (at least that I was able
to find) about the route at this time of year. Finally, I called the
ferry system on the phone to get the information.

What I found is that though WSF starts taking reservations for the run
in April, the run does not actually begin service until June 24. That is
too late for our group. Also there currently is no schedule for the
runs, although the ferry person did say she expected it would sail twice
a day and depart about the same times it did in 2018: (8:25 a.m. and
2:50 p.m.).

It's true, as I said in the earlier post, that reservations are required
and are free. However, if you are a "no show" and fail to cancel soon
enough in advance, you will be charged a fee.

Just wanted to follow up with this bit of information about the
Anacortes-Sidney ferry. Wish we could take it.

Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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