[Tweeters] FOY fox sparrow, Brush Prairie

Michelle Maani lamoustique at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 16:01:32 PST 2019

A beautiful winter day brought the birds out in Brush Prairie.  At the Botanical Gardens I saw two Fox Sparrows, my FOY.  There were a lot of Brown-headed Cowbirds. I don't like their parasitic ways, but I do love their gurgling song, like a brook.  Of course the usual suspects...Dark-eyed Juncos, Golden-crowned Sparrows, House Sparrows, a few White-crowned Sparrows.  Black-capped Chickadees, but not in the plenitude I've come to expect.  A couple of Anna's Hummingbirds.  A walk to the ponds behind the gardens saw a lot of American Robins,  a handful of Steller's Jaysand one Scrub Jay. Near the back pond I saw a dozen or more Bushtits, and a Red-breasted Sapsucker. There also were more Black-capped Chickadees and Dark-eyed Juncos near the forested area, as well as three Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  In the back pond a lone male Hooded Merganser did a very nice disappearing act into the vegetation at the edge. As I left I saw a Cooper's Hawk.
Michelle MaaniVancouver, Washington (you know, the one across the river from Oregon)
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