[Tweeters] Osprey in Whatcom County

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Not to fully doubt the recording, but many plumages of the Bald Eagle at age 2.5 have what I have always called, the Osprey look.. white head with dark eye stripe. Often I have had to do a doubletake.. This is a common but not always plumage, leaving a very white front as well, just something to think about.

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A bird wise but non-birding friend was visiting another friend in Whatcom County today and saw an Osprey on Rutsatz Road about three miles east of SR9 on the North Fork of the Nooksack. Her friend told her that they see Osprey there all winter long. As best I can tell there are only two records of Osprey in January in Whatcom County in the past 10 years.

Blair Bernson
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