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My wife and I spent a week in Iceland during August a couple of years ago.
Here's the reference I bought while there; it is great
http://www.stanfords.co.uk/Iceland-Birdwatchers-Map_9789979330424. The ISBN
is 978-9979-3-3042-4. It has a map of the entire island with hot spots
identified and shows where each species is found on small maps. We saw lots
of shorebird nesting including puffins, terns, godwit, and whooper swan.
Like you, my wife is not a birder, so we emphasized the sites but stopped
quite a few times for birding particularly near the shore.

We decided to book a self-guided tour through Iceland Travel. They arranged
the hotels and a rental car and gave us suggested sites to see each day.
The tour we took was titled "Geysers, glaciers, and waterfalls."
alls. Really enjoyable and we want to go back to circumnavigate the island
which should be at least a 2 week tour.

Iceland Air owns many of the hotels and, if you use Iceland Travel, you will
likely be staying most of the time at an Iceland Air hotel.

Good luck,
Wally Davis

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Hello Tweeters!

My wife (a non-birder but loves to watch us quirky birders) and I are
planning a trip to Iceland this summer. If anyone has experience there we
would be very appreciative! We plan to drive the ring road around the
country. Questions are;

Best time to go to see breeding birds
Not to miss birding areas
Not to miss points of interest
Great accommodations
Recommended bird guidebooks and human guides

Thanks so much in advance!,
Dave and Cathy Parent

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