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Dear Gary,

This is a copy and paste from birdsna.org via a subscription basis (not the free account. Hope this helps:

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Kinds Of Predators

On the breeding grounds, avian and mammalian species of potential threat include: eagles, hawks, falcons, jaegers, gulls, ravens, fox, wolves, bears, and wolverines, among others. Adult Snowy Owls have few natural predators, and are rarely killed by other predators. In one report, a Snowy Owl grabbed a Peregrine Falcon fledgling from a cliff, and an adult Peregrine chased the owl and killed it with one stoop and strike (Nelson 1887, in Bent 1938). There is one observation of an Arctic fox killing an adult male Snowy Owl (see Menyushina 1994a, b, c). Two records of possible predation by Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), but direct observation not observed (Campbell and Preston 2009).

Potential nest predators almost certainly include bears and wolves. Pomarine Jaegers rarely attack and kill chicks (DWH).

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Dear Tweeters,

A third-grader has me stumped. What, if anything, preys upon Snowy Owls, or their eggs or young?

I told her that all I can give is an educated guess: maybe humans, polar bears, or arctic foxes?

I doubt even a Gyrfalcon would want to mess with Snowy Owls at the nest!

Any information would be welcomed! I could even put in a request to get your name into her “Works Cited” page!

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

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