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Jane Hadley hadleyj1725 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:46:11 PST 2019

Sarah Smith, who lives in Leavenworth, asked for suggestions of westside
hotspots. I do have a couple of suggestions.

The Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) published the second edition
of A Birder's Guide to Washington in 2015. This guide is available both
as a 613-page paperback ($25 - $30) and as a free online guide.

It is a site guide for the state, describing where to go to see birds,
how to get there, what birds and habitat to expect, and other useful

You can check it out at http://wabirdguide.org/

Second, I would suggest the Birder's Dashboard. There's a US version and
a Washington State version. The latter is available at:


Select a county, say King or Snohomish, and then click on "eBird
Hotspots."  You will be shown many red "teardrops" on the map. Click on
the plus sign in lower right corner to blow up the map. Choose a
"teardrop" and click on it and you will be shown the name of the hotspot
and recent sightings at it. You will also be given directions to get to
the location.

Finally, you asked if there were any birding groups that go out
regularly that you could join. The answer is yes. I would suggest three
groups: Pilchuck Audubon (the Audubon group for Snohomish County),
Seattle Audubon Society, and WOS. All three organizations have regularly
scheduled field trips for members.

Pilchuck's list of upcoming field trips is at:


Seattle Audubon's field trips and birding spots are available at:


WOS's list of upcoming field trips can be found on its calendar at:

http://wos.org/calendar/   (Click on the calendar item for more
information on the field trip.)

Also check out the Birding Resources page while on the WOS website:

Happy Birding and welcome to the westside!

Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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