[Tweeters] possible shrike, near sikes lake, snoqualmie valley, king county, wa

dave templeton crazydave65 at inbox.com
Sun Jan 6 21:46:34 PST 2019


thought i would send out a heads up that i saw what i think was a shrike near sikes lake today. the bird was on phone wire near the abandoned house down the road from what used to be a chicken ranch on the bendy roads between 84th and 100th between sikes lake and west snoqualmie valley road. a basically black and white bird with a dark horizontal patch through the eye and a longish tail. flew away before i could get close enough to see it with 8x glass. head seemed very bulky, almost like a caspian tern, but not that big and the bill was not red.

maybe somebody who can actually see might be able to identify it for certain.



dave templeton
crazydave 65
dot com

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