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The Willcox area was pretty interesting but we have tended too spend more time further south in the Sky Islands. Check not only e-bird but the Arizona Hotline (if it is still online).

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> Often folks just go to Wilcox Playa area for the Sandhill Cranes. In our opinion White Water Draw south of there is far superior. The birds overnight here (up to 20,000 of them), fly out to feed at first light (a heart pounding experience to witness), and fly back in to rest beginning about 11:30am. The fly in is also amazing.

> At this same site there are usually Great Horned Owls nesting in a dresser draw under the shed eaves, Barn Owls (sometimes up to 20 of them) roosting in the roped off “owl area”, and occasionally Long-eared Owls. Lots of other birds as well. One of the AZ guide books can also direct you to big raptor areas close by along the less used farm roads. Supposedly Snowy Plovers can be found in the area but we’ve never been so fortunate.

> And of course there are all the canyons in the Sierra Vista region with AZ specialties galore.

> One of the guide books to finding birds in AZ should be among your resources.

> Jan Ray

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> > Hi all, we are going to Phoenix and Willcox Arizona january. Any Must-do birding sites you recommend? We use Ebird, so will be checking that before we had down.

> > Thanks in advance, Mike Kinberg


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