[Tweeters] costa's in seattle?

David A. Armstrong davearm at uw.edu
Sat Jan 5 12:29:03 PST 2019

A friend in Seattle near the UW Arboretum has written me several times
stating she has Costa's hummingbirds at her feeders....could it be? I've
tried to convince her it's Anna's but she continues strong in belief that
they are Costa's. She mainly uses these field marks: 1. purple gorget
(although some very grainy photos sent of the bird(s) appear to have
magenta/red; others are more purple; 2, very long pattern to the gorget at
lateral margins; 3, very short/"tiny" tail as noted in Sibley.
Are there records of Costa's hummingbirds in the seattle area?
david armstrong
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