[Tweeters] Blaine and Semiahmoo Spit Birding - Jan. 2nd

Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 20:36:47 PST 2019

Lonnie Somer and I birded the Blaine Waterfront and Semiahmoo Spit
yesterday, January 2nd. Besides large rafts of American Wigeon and Mallard,
we saw good numbers of Surf - and White-winged Scoters, Common Loons,
Red-necked Grebes, Brant and Greater Scaup. Also seen where both Common -
and Barrow's Goldeneyes, Red-breasted Merganser, Bufflehead, a single Ruddy
Duck, a Red-throated Loon and two Western Grebes. The best find was a
single male Long-tailed Duck, well seen across from the Blaine Overlook at
the tip of the Semiahmoo Spit. We later had a pair of Long-tails further
out from the spit side.
On the Drayton Harbor side of the spit, on the dock west of the marina, we
located two Black Turnstones, a small flock of Dunlin, eight Sanderlings
and a single Black Oystercatcher..
Hundreds of Northern Pintails and lesser numbers of Green-winged Teals were
resting on the south end of Drayton Harbor,. Bald Eagles were everywhere
yesterday and as Lonnie commented later, the state police on I-5 was just
as numerous!
The weather could have been nicer. It was quite chilly and started raining
early on. On the spit it even started sleeting. on the way home, we briefly
stopped at the East - and West - 90 on the Sammish Flats. In the increasing
darkness and increasing rain, we managed a lone Rough-winged Hawk fly-over.

Good Birding!

Hans & Lonnie

*Hans Feddern*
Twin Lakes/Federal Way, WA
thefedderns at gmail.com
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