[Tweeters] Barred Owls calling and caterwauling

Douglas Irle Will diwill at uw.edu
Wed Jan 2 15:41:48 PST 2019

Indeed, January is Barred Owl mating season. Mine actually got started in
December this year. Every January now since about 2010 I hear them in Lake
Forest Park with lots of calling hoots but especially their mating
caterwauling (quite loud - sounds like a pair of giant cats having a great
time of it).

Perhaps Jamie Acker will also weigh in on this for his score of pairs on


They really help control the rats and Eastern Grey Squirrels. But please,
don't set out poison for the rats. Poison bait is the toxin that keeps on
taking - it kills owls and other rat-control predators which later eat the
dying rats.

Doug Will
Lake Forest Park
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