[Tweeters] Four Zono day in Edmonds

Jon Houghton jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com
Wed Jan 2 13:40:53 PST 2019

Hi Tweeterdom - Thanks to a little help from my friends, I've had a nice 4 Zonotrichia day today in Edmonds! It started with the 'usual' 2 White-throated Sparrows that have been visiting my feeder pretty regularly since October, along with a single Golden-Crowned. Then Blair Bernson, who had stopped by to visit the WT, mentioned that there had been a Harris's Sparrow with a flock of White-crowned found by Frank Caruso and Carol Riddell yesterday, down at the Edmonds Marsh. Arriving at the marsh about 1030, Blair was there but had had no luck. I walked the trail behind the Harbor Square Athletic Club buildings without spotting them either and was leaving when I ran into Laura Brou, another Edmonds birder. After a chat, she went back north along the trail (between the AC and RT 104), and I headed home. Before I got far, Laura came running back to say she'd found the WCSP flock. We hurried back north along the trail to the end where the flock continued and the Harris's was quickly found. A lifer for Laura! We called Blair to come back and he got a quick look at the HASP before the flock disappeared in the dense shrubs between the AC and SR 104. Also, there were 3 Black Scoter and a Pac. Loon off Water Street in Edmonds, this morning. Happy, Birdy, New Year - Jon Houghton, Edmonds
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