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Rick Taylor taylorrl at outlook.com
Wed Jan 2 09:04:59 PST 2019


I track the birds in Adams County for Matt Bartels' and Washington Birder's County Year List Project. I pull sightings from eBird, Tweeters, and Inland-Northwest Birders. For 2018, birders collectively spotted 204 species. This is well below the average of 219. We did detect some unusual and rare birds for the county:

* Ross's Goose
* Eurasian Wigeon
* Red-necked Grebe
* White-faced Ibis
* Sabine's Gull
* Common Tern
* White-throated Swift
* Gyrfalcon
* Snow Bunting
* Black and white Warbler
* American Redstart
* Black-throated Gray Warbler
* Harris's Sparrow
* Lesser Goldfinch
* Common Redpoll

We are missing a few species that are generally seen annually. If you have seen any of these in Adams County in 2018, please contact me.

* Barrow's Goldeneye
* Black-bellied Plover
* Stilt Sandpiper
* Short-billed Dowitcher
* Long-eared Owl
* Common Poorwill
* Vaux's Swift
* Lewis's Woodpecker
* Fox Sparrow
* White-throated Sparrow



Rick Taylor
Everett, WA

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