[Tweeters] I Resolve....

STEVEN ELLIS sremse at comcast.net
Tue Jan 1 05:41:30 PST 2019

In 2019:

* I resolve to leave my comfy chair and go outside even when it's cold/wet/windy.

* I resolve to experience the same joy with my 1,000 sighting of a common yellowthroat as I had with my very 1st.

* I resolve to remember just how miraculous birds are: each dark-eyed junco started life as a thin-shelled promise carefully tucked inside a small grassy cup. WOW!

* I resolve to remember ALL life is worthy of study and admiration be it mourning cloak butterfly, Olympic torrent salamander, harbor seal or Pacific wren.

* I resolve to thank refuge managers, wildlife biologists and others who work tirelessly to protect our natural world.

* I resolve to, well, resolve the long standing question: is it more impactful to give small donations to several worthy environmental organizations or one large gift to a single group. If the latter, which one??

* I resolve to let birds and other facets of nature transport me to a different mind set when cynicism or the ugliness of modern life intrudes into my consciousness.

* I resolve....

Wishing all the best in 2019 to everyone in Tweeterdom (1st bird of the year- great-horned owl hooting at 5:34am).

-----Steve Ellis

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