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Mon Feb 25 22:30:02 PST 2019

There was no earth shattering info in responses to my inquiry about renting cars for a long period...say a month...but useful.
Most recommendations were for Costco.  I had never looked at them before and my preliminary research suggests they indeed may be cheapest.  
Another recommendation was to reserve early with the right to cancel without penalty and then to keep checking as prices could go down.  I have had this happen before...good advice.
Another suggestion was to consider booking somewhere other than at an airport which could be a savings but that has to be weighed against inconvenience and the added cost of an Uber/Lyft to that facilty.
Nobody had a way to get by the added (significantly higher) cost of renting at one place and returning it at another.  It is a big add and Costco does it too.  I have avoided this with a rental with a different drop off in California but nowhere else.
Thanks to all for their replies.
Blair Bernson 
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