[Tweeters] FOS black headed grosbeak

Robert O'Brien baro at pdx.edu
Mon Feb 25 19:34:13 PST 2019

Hi Marcia- This _can't_ be a sign of spring. This is incredibly early.
There is only 1 eBird record for _March_
in Washington State (near Portland); none for February and very,very few
for Oregon or Northern California. You should try to get photos
and submit them to eBird as an exceptional record. If you don't use eBird,
perhaps someone local could submit it for you.
This could be a very odd overwintering bird, but two together is really
Bob OBrien Portland

On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 2:30 PM Marcia Ian <gnudle at icloud.com> wrote:

> I saw two in my yard today, one at the safflower feeder, the other in the

> birdbath. Yippee! This may be the corner that spring is just around, to

> quote Frog and Toad.


> Laurel, I’m glad to hear that your varied thrushes picked up a suet habit!

> I guess “mine” aren’t so smart.


> Marcia Ian

> Bellingham

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