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Laurel Parshall knasnan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 14:12:05 PST 2019

In previous years, I had never seen Varied Thrushes on my suet feeders,
either. And, because neighbors have logged off a great deal of the trees
that were across the street/highway from me, unless it's pretty cold, I
don't even have them visit during the winter. Our heavy hit of snowfall
brought 4 females and 1 Male to my yard for a few days. The females
apparently paid attention to the usual suet feeders (Chickadees, juncos,
nuthatches, woodpeckers, flickers, towhees and song sparrows). They started
eating suet on the second day after they came in. I had also bought a
mealworms and sunflower seeds block (for chickens) to see if the local
birds liked it as well as the plain mealworm treats I put out. The
thrushes were eating that, too. Regarding territorialism, I have noted that
while Varied Thrushes yield to Robins, they do not allow each other much
leeway in their personal space.
Laurel Parshall Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula kehlilanasnan at Yahoo dot com
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