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Just saw your post. Our daughter used to live in the San Diego area and we
still go there every year. We will be going in a couple of weeks. You did
not say how long you will be there and how far you are willing to go. A
rental car is really necessary for most spots. As Jennifer suggested, the
San Diego River is great for waterfowl ( all three teals within a 100
yards) shorebirds galore and herons and egrets, white pelican and more. i
always find Little Blue Herons there. I also like to go south to imperial
Beach and the Tijuana Slough NWR. I managed to find Ridgeway's Rail there
the last couple of years and even had one on the south side of the San
Diego River close to the mouth. Walk the dyke trail there as far as the
ball fields and look for Horned Larks and an Osprey nest. The lagoons
mentioned are good. Sometimes you can find a White-tailed kite there.
Another spot not mentioned, is Kit Carson Park in Escondido. Then there is
Lake Henshaw and Mount Palomar.
Yes, Anza-Borrego SP can be good around the visitors center for Verdin,
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Black-throated Sparrow and maybe Cactus Wren.It
is quite a long drive to Borrego Springs and to Salton Sea. We stayed at
the Brawley Inn in Brawley. Birding around the neighborhoods in town can be
quite good- also the cemetery. Had Vermillion Flycatcher and Phainopepla
there last March.
In any case, there are lots of good birds to be seen. Oh, if you do go to
Sonny Bono Dalton Sea NWR, the quails there are Gambel's and the towhees
are Abert's! I have found the volunteers at the visitors center not too
helpful. You need to go east from the visitors center and turn north on the
first road to find access to water with good birding. Also look for white
stakes along the roads, they mark Burrowing Owl nests!!

Let me know, if I can be more help!

Good Birding!


On Thu, Feb 21, 2019 at 7:36 PM Patricia Quyle Grainger <paq at olypen.com>

> Nadine-


> My husband & I just returned from Borrego Springs. Birding was slow, but

> we still saw plenty. The visitor center is very helpful. Salton Sea was

> wonderful! Try to get there.


> Pat Grainger

> Port Townsend


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> On Feb 21, 2019, at 6:56 PM, Candace C. Plant <plantcan at msn.com> wrote:


> Nadine,

> A good spot to bird and will be so beautiful with desert blooms is Anza

> Borrego State Park in Borrego Springs. Go to the visitor center. It is on

> the highway from San Diego. The Salton Sea spot is visitor center for Sony

> Bono Wildlife Refuge. They have resident Burrowing Owls at the entrance

> and wonderful spot for all kinds of birds. Ask were to go specifically at

> the Visitor Center. At both places birding early this month.


> Candy Plant

> Wilsonville, Or


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> Hi folks, I am going for a very impromptu visit to San Diego tomorrow and

> would LOVE some quick birding locations to visit. I'd like to see birds

> that I wouldn't normally see here like blue gray gnatcatchers.

> I am limited by how much I can hike/walk. I have a medical condition which

> means I can maybe do 3 miles on the flat easy, but uphill/downhill is

> harder. I cannot do Rattlesnake Lake to the top for example. I should be

> renting a car too.

> And If I drive to the Salton Sea, where should I go exactly?

> Fast suggestions please! Passerines, Pelagics, OWLS for sure (but I can't

> get on a boat - too bumpy).

> Thanks so much.

> An excited Nadine

> (I normally cannot fly or leave the PNW)

> Nadine


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