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Maybe not a great idea to be calling owls this time of year.
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Tweets – the day started with cold crunchy snow and fog, and it took a long while to clear and warm up. The recent glut of ducks is gone, presumably indicating that fields and ponds are melting. It wasn’t terribly birdy, but still not a bad day.


* Only 8 species of duck, including a pair of wigeon seen late
* CALIFORNIA QUAIL – at least 3, across the slough from the 1st Dog Beach – First of Year (FOF)
* Horned Grebe – one on lake, seen late
* Green Heron – on beaver lodge as usual
* Virginia Rail – distant response to clapping from the boardwalk
* BARN OWL – one flying the model airplane field and East Meadow 6-6:30ish
* Owl spp.? – can’t really count anything, but Matt had indistinct responses to Screech and Saw-whet playbacks
* American Goldfinch – at least a couple; not terribly reliable at Marymoor in winter
* Yellow-rumped Warbler – one at Rowing Club

For the first time since October, we failed to find a Hairy Woodpecker. Only 3 woodpecker species today.

Mammal sightings included AMERICAN BEAVER near the lodge with the Green Heron, and RIVER OTTERS on the lake.

At least 10 species were heard singing today, including the first-of-year PURPLE FINCH songs that were the regular song, not the vireo-like one.

Misses included Ring-necked Duck, Rock Pigeon, Mew Gull, a definitive Glaucous-winged Gull or hybrid, and Cooper’s Hawk. No Northern Shrike either (easy to have missed in the fog).

For the day, 54 species, with CALIFORNIA QUAIL new for the year.

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