[Tweeters] Life (Birding that is) After Snow

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 21:30:07 PST 2019

After finally digging out from the snow Frank Caruso and I got out on Sunday for a day of birding at the Coast.  We miscalculated the tides - REALLY HIGH - but still managed some good birds and lots of fun.  We ended up with about 70 species,  Nothing unusual and lots of misses because of the tides but a lot of fun.  The highlight for me was probably a Great Blue Heron catching a big frog and and positioning it for the big gulp at Nisqually on the return trip.
Lots of photos and some details at wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/21797.
Thanks to everyone who responded to inquiry re: car rentals.  No special month long deals but a consistently favorable review of Costco.  That was a new one for me and they do have good prices.
Blair Bernsonblairbirding.com
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