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For water birds (ducks, egrets, gulls, terns), the San Diego River estuary is nice. There is a park on one side, and on the Seaworld side there is an old road that can still be accessed by car. You can park and walk or bird by car. I was there this time last year and saw thousands of birds.
Balboa Park is also very birdy, as is the zoo. Check out the desert garden in Balboa Park. The zoo is big, but they do offer tram tours.
Another nice spot, further north (near Carlsbad) is Batiquitos Lagoon, with flat trails all along the estuary.
I also had some nice birds at San Elijos Lagoon south of Carlsbad, but check the construction schedule before stopping there.

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> Hi folks, I am going for a very impromptu visit to San Diego tomorrow and would LOVE some quick birding locations to visit. I'd like to see birds that I wouldn't normally see here like blue gray gnatcatchers.

> I am limited by how much I can hike/walk. I have a medical condition which means I can maybe do 3 miles on the flat easy, but uphill/downhill is harder. I cannot do Rattlesnake Lake to the top for example. I should be renting a car too.

> And If I drive to the Salton Sea, where should I go exactly?

> Fast suggestions please! Passerines, Pelagics, OWLS for sure (but I can't get on a boat - too bumpy).

> Thanks so much.

> An excited Nadine

> (I normally cannot fly or leave the PNW)

> Nadine

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