[Tweeters] San Diego or LA area

Nadine Drisseq drisseq.n at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 18:15:12 PST 2019

Hi folks, I am going for a very impromptu visit to San Diego tomorrow and
would LOVE some quick birding locations to visit. I'd like to see birds
that I wouldn't normally see here like blue gray gnatcatchers.
I am limited by how much I can hike/walk. I have a medical condition which
means I can maybe do 3 miles on the flat easy, but uphill/downhill is
harder. I cannot do Rattlesnake Lake to the top for example. I should be
renting a car too.
And If I drive to the Salton Sea, where should I go exactly?
Fast suggestions please! Passerines, Pelagics, OWLS for sure (but I can't
get on a boat - too bumpy).
Thanks so much.
An excited Nadine
(I normally cannot fly or leave the PNW)
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