[Tweeters] Edmond—Crows mobbing Raven

Dee Dee deedeeknit at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 16:02:17 PST 2019

On Monday, Feb 18th near the Edmonds ferry dock, and again today the 21st about a mile north of the dock, I witnessed a very large number of crows mobbing a single larger, all-black bird. Agile flight maneuvers, the deeper voice, and brief glimpse of the tail, led to my conclusion that it was a raven. Conclusion was reinforced during the 2nd, more prolonged viewing where I saw it perform flight maneuvers such as I have witnessed with ravens before (and outclassing the none-too-shabby moves of the crows), with calls identical to on the 18th.

I don’t recall hearing that call before and found it distinctive. Not having had the opportunity to hear a good variety of raven vocalizations, I have been trying to find if someone has posted a similar call online. Given the circumstances the bird was enduring, I’d expect it to be an annoyance or duress sort of call but must keep researching—many calls posted but so far only heard one somewhat similar.

Dee Warnock

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