[Tweeters] Middle Boise Creek Natural Area, Enumclaw

Gina Ames boisecreekfarm at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 14:20:03 PST 2019

On my walk along Boise Creek today (Thursday) I saw: yellow-rumped warbler, ruby-crowned kinglet, anna’s hummingbird, chickadee, house finch, house sparrow, junco, crow, raven, bald eagle, towhee, starling, mallard, bushtit, red-wing blackbird, flicker, golden-crowned sparrow, blue heron, scrub jay stellar’s jay, robin, varied thrush, red-tailed hawk, unknown sandpiper, song sparrow, female western tanager, and a small flock of goldfinch.

Other birds of note seen in our area: large flocks of trumpeter swan, several meadow lark, killdeer, and one northern shrike.

Gina Ames

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