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Cindy McCormack nwbirder at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 18:00:45 PST 2019

Hi everybody,

So, when I left for a walk this afternoon, the sun was shining. Within the
first 1/2 mile, a dark cloud moved in and started hailing and raining on
me. I considered turning around, but figured a little cold water wouldn't
hurt me (much) and would likely pass. A few miles later, I was pretty wet
and cold, but it finally stopped and the sun started shining! A few
minutes later, I heard a call I didn't recognize and located it's source--a
Cape May Warbler was foraging on the ground! (SO glad I didn't turn around
and go home!).
After I got a good look at this wonderful bird, I texted our local group.
I got a few photos through my binoculars, then got on the phone to another
local birder. While on the phone, I was keeping an eye on the warbler. As
it foraged along the lawn of the Vancouver Police Administration Bldg, it
approached a line of tall shrubs. Suddenly, a California Scrub-jay dropped
on top of it and stabbed it violently several times. I think I yelled "Oh,
crap!" while on the phone (Les, I really hope I didn't swear!) and the jay
flew back up into the shrubs.
I headed down the lawn to the scene of the crime (really brazen of that jay
to commit such an crime right on police department property!) and was able
to find the warbler. It was, unfortunately, still alive, but passed within

Sorry that others couldn't share in the sighting! But feel I'm really
lucky to get the chance I did--a few minutes either way, and I likely would
have missed it.

I will try not to call that scrub-jay too many nasty names next time I walk
by. 😉


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