[Tweeters] Four Zono Day (sort of)

Stephen Chase schasecredo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 18:02:16 PST 2019

Hi Tweeters,
My brother Nathan and I shared - sort of - an elusive four Zono day in his Sumas backyard. For reference, a four Zono day is all four North American species of Zonotrichia sparrows on the same day: White-crowned, Golden-crowned, White-throated, and Harris's.

Early this morning he found and photographed a first-winter Harris's near his feeder. I was there a couple hours later. I searched and waited for 45 minutes with no success. I did find the other three zonos, including a gorgeous tan-striped White-throated Sparrow. My checklist included eight of Whatcom's wintering sparrows: the aforementioned three Zonos, along with Song, Lincoln's, Fox, Spotted Towhee, and Dark-eyed Junco; the only (somewhat) regularly found wintering sparrow missing was Savannah.

The real kicker would be a five Zono day - but that would require finding a Rufous-collared Sparrow, a South American sparrow with a range that just barely extends into southern Mexico. It actually has been reported in the ABA area, although the record is disputed.

Back in Everson,
Stephen Chase

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