[Tweeters] Snowy Egret and others in Vancouver Lowlands

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Sun Feb 17 16:54:11 PST 2019

Hello Tweeters,

Bill and I were in the Vancouver, WA, area this morning, so
we attempted to see a couple of rare-for-Washington birds that have been
spending the winter there. Out first target was the Tufted Duck that has
been seen many times from Wintler Park. Here we failed. I could see the
distant flock of scaup and other ducks in the Columbia River, but they kept
moving up stream and I could see the odds were not going to be in my favor.

Our second target was a Snowy Egret that has been in a
wetlands area at the End of Lower River Road in the Vancouver Lowlands.
There was some hunting going one, so I think some of the birds were being
wary. We walked way out on the levee past the lakes and wet areas.
Finally, while we were looking for a hawk that had flown out of some trees,
we saw the egrets coming to land in the trees. Here we were able to
distinguish between the larger Great Egret and Snowy Egret with its black
bill and legs and yellow feet. You can see the egrets and the other birds
we managed to get pictures of in my Ebird checklist.


Happy birding, Charlotte Byers, Seattle

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