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Tweets – Marymoor was closed to the public on Tuesday, but by this morning they’d gotten the main roads clear, and a couple of the parking lots. We didn’t come close to filling Lot C this morning despite the lot being only half cleared. We were just 4, and then 3, and by 9:00am it was just me and Jordan. Snow everywhere, of course, and it froze last night, though it was 33 degrees when we started. Lots of branches and limbs down, and all the blackberries FLATTENED. The snow had a crust and a crunch to it, making walking difficult in places.

a.. Greater White-fronted Goose – in the slough below the weir; later near the concert stage on a bare patch of grass
b.. Cackling Goose – 50+, first since January
c.. Wood Duck – 2 males, female, in slough near lake
d.. Northern Shoveler – female below weir in slough
e.. American Wigeon – plentiful, scattered along slough
f.. Northern Pintail – pair below weir
g.. 12 species of duck total
h.. Horned Grebe – one very far out on the lake
i.. Wilson’s Snipe – maybe 10 below the weir
j.. Green Heron – on beaver lodge again
k.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – one along the slough
l.. 4 woodpecker species AGAIN – 9th straight week with ALL the regulars except sapsucker
m.. Northern Shrike – seen atop cottonwood near the lake, later at north end of East Meadow; vocalizing
n.. Varied Thrush – Brian had one near the Park Office; Jordan and I had two at the Rowing Club
o.. LONG-TAILED WEASEL – great looks on blackberry trail that runs between the dog area port-a-potties and the Pea Patch
Missing birds today included Virginia Rail, Mew Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Bushtit, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

For the day, 59 species. Nothing new for 2019, though repeats of birds from my walk last Sunday got several species on the Thursday Survey list.

William Fletcher got a photo of an AMERICAN PIPIT below the weir on Sunday afternoon however!

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