[Tweeters] not quite Patagonia

pan panmail at mailfence.com
Wed Feb 13 08:54:23 PST 2019

Maybe snowy picnic table effect? Snow-driven bird movements, combined with snow-driven increased local observation, have given me my own set of less common birds. A couple days ago, I had a passing Black-capped Chickadee with the most extra white I've seen, including all the back and most of the cap. (None of the regulars have extra white.) This morning, there was a robin with white back patches and at least one white tail feather. And now a slate-colored junco has appeared in the flock. Yesterday, I saw the/a Golden-crowned Kinglet, looking wet, foraging on the snow in the same spot as reported earlier, so perhaps it's doing okay, after all.

13 February, 2019,

Alan Grenon
Seattle's Capitol Hill

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