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Maureen Ellis mjeellisphd at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 12:12:04 PST 2019

Hopefully, this will post now-Thanks Dan Victor for advisory to post from
gmail account rather than UW mail.

From: Maureen Ellis <mjeellisphd at gmail.com>
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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2019 12:34:11 -0800
Subject: Hermit thrush(es)

Today, at least one, possibly two hermit thrushes. I have seen them in
past years, even wintering, but, not in recent years. Saw characteristic
wing-flicking, tail raising, and obvious thrush bill. This bird is one of
the quite dark morphs with a subtle rufous tail. Did get some marginal
photos; not posted..

Location is NE edge of Seahurst Park, Burien, WA. I have a deck 4 stories
up with hummer sugar water, mixed seed/peanuts, dried meal worm, suet, and
water offerings. There are hoards of varied thrushes, a robin,
ruby-crowned kinglet, scads of juncos including OR, slatey, and various
degrees of white patches (leucistic pattern) on the hoods of one of more
juncos, A good sized (25 more or less) flock of American goldfinches dine
daily. A Bewick's wren is seen occasionally.

Mobs of bushtits, several mostly Audubon's YR warblers, occasional
Steller's jays, a family of flickers that include hybrids, RS X YS, fox
sparrow and song sparrows all visit my feeder deck. Appears to be a normal
RS male flicker with a 1st generation YS X RS female mate plus one male and
one female 2nd generation offspring. There is also a normal RS adult
female hanging around with them.

A pair of downy woodpeckers and a female 1st year pileated also pig out on
the suet. In addition, at least one pair of red-breasted nuthatches are
frequent. At least 3 Anna's hummers are around; 2 male and 1 female all
chasing and being chased. Enough snow, indeed!

*Comment added today, 02-12-2019: We are now at the slushmageddon stage of
our current epic winter weather events.*

Stay warm and safe,
Maureen E Ellis near Seahurst Park, Burien, WA

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