[Tweeters] Iona Regional Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

ANDREA BENNETT bennetts10 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 10 18:03:05 PST 2019

On Saturday morning 2/9 in with the 200 Dunlin at Iona Regional Park in BC (west of the parking spots) I saw several western sandpiper (definitely not least, perhaps semi-palmated?).

There was a white one, same size as western, not as big as a sanderling. Any thoughts about if there are leucistic western sandpipers?

here's the rest of the list:

150 Brant,

5 Mallard

1 Northern Pintail

200 Greater/Lesser Scaup

2 Ruddy Duck

2 Killdeer

180 Dunlin

4 Western Sandpiper

30 Mew Gull

2 Ring-billed Gull

2 Herring Gull

2 Glacous-winged Gull

15 Gull sp.

2 Great Blue Heron

1 Northern Harrier

3 Bald Eagles

3 Red-tailed Hawks

1 Northern Shrike

15 Northwestern Crows

1 Common Raven

2 Song Sparrow

Andrea Bennett
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