[Tweeters] Wilson's Snipe x 5, 1 injured (Anthony @ OCBirds.com)

Anthony birds at ocbirds.com
Wed Feb 6 19:32:59 PST 2019

To Helen and others that have written, first and foremost, my wife and I are
grateful for the assistance.

We had called our friend who is a vet that agreed to see the Snipe at 12:30
today. A prior call to Sarvey Wildlife in Arlington generated a return call
this a.m. at 7:30. We eventually spoke with the director Suzanne who was
most helpful. She emphasized though the vet is a good idea for short term
medicinal fixes, the Sarvey habitat is better suited for all medicinal needs
and wild life rehabilitation afterwards. Convinced by this statement, we
drove out to Sarvey (about an hour with the icy roads here on Camano and
east of route 9) and they evaluated the Snipe whom we dubbed "Wesley".
Wesley had one broken toe which likely needs to be amputated, a raw bone
also protruding out of one foot and a cut between the left wing and its
torso. We were told 50/50 chance and they reported shortly thereafter it
was in "guarded" condition and this was an adult. (sex was indeterminate
even after inspection). They would know more info in 48 hours. We are
pleased to say Wesley didn't whimper the entire night. When we awoke no
movement could be heard but after 5 mins or so you could hear its bill
rubbing against the insides of the box, a good sign. Despite its serious
injuries, when we opened the box for the first time since taping it shut at
4:30 pm the day prior, it was upright and very much alive at the habitat
(video at the link below). Amazingly, when we returned home, we counted at
least 15 snipes nearby.



Anthony G.

Camano Island

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Hi Anthony,

Call West Sound Wildlife Shelter for help with your Snipe. image1.jpeg

They are great on assessing the condition of the injured and if viable

Let us know the outcome.

Helen Murphy

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Wilson's Snipe x 5, 1 injured (Anthony @ OCBirds.com)

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