[Tweeters] Large rafts of ducks on Lake Sammamish

Mason Flint masonflint at outlook.com
Wed Feb 6 18:14:45 PST 2019

I live on the west side of Lake Sammamish, mid lake, a bit north of Northup Way. In winter there are usually some Western Grebe (10-20), American Wigeon (maybe 20ish), and a few Common Merganser, Bufflehead and some Mallards.

Every once in a while there's an big influx. When I got home late this afternoon there were 500-800 ducks within sight, maybe many more. It was already pretty dark but most appeared to be American Wigeon with a lesser numbers of Northern Pintail. I picked out one Eurasian Wigeon but I'm guessing with better light I would have found more species.

It was probably just funky lighting but I had an intriguing fleeting/distant look at a duck that appeared to have a black back, white sides and round head before it flew further out in the lake by itself...

I'm hoping they'll still be there in the morning for better looks.


Mason Flint
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