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I found this that explains the different names.  hope this helps - I can never remember which is which so I'm just glad I know how to get there!Bevhttp://birdsofwinter.org/wylie-slough-wiley-slough/

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This is a great idea of an institutionalized error.   
The name of the hotspot with 234 species is properly spelled Wylie.  It is on Wylie Road and the Wylie family farm is there.   Wylie is the name of all the Wylie kids from that road who attended the school there and who were my students.  Wylie. Not the other name. 
However, for some reason, it is misspelled on ebird. And - worse - if you search for the properly spelled name on the hotspot map, it doesn't show up.  Drives this former teacher nuts since my red pen doesn't work on the screen.  Cheery. Linda



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