[Tweeters] NIsqually NWR 12/31/19

Phil Kelley scrubjay323 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 19:35:21 PST 2019


Today 250 of us endures a wet and windy walk at Nisqually. I'm not
sure if anyone walked the estuary boardwalk, but I know I didn't. We
had a 14.6 high tide at 9:38 AM.

Besides being wet and windy I was surprised by the lack of birds.
There were fewer waterfowl than I expected with all the water on the
refuge. Perhaps all the waterfowl were out on the sound.

We had several GREATER YELLOWLEGS on the pond across from the parking
lot and 42 LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS on the pond south of the twin barns.
I also had several COMMON GOLDENEYE and a couple of RED-BREASTED
MERGANSERS off the Nisqually overlook. Other than that is was pretty
slow and pretty usual.

For the day I had 38 species and ended up with 132 for the year. The
only mammal I saw was a BLACK-TAILED DEER

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