[Tweeters] black phobe, et al. at East 90, Snohomish County

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Sun Dec 29 19:55:08 PST 2019

This is likely the eighteenth report of the black phobe seen working the
insects off the log piles at the East 90 ponds this afternoon (observed
and photo'd by multitudes of avi-papirazzi). Question is: was this the
same phobe so often seen at Wylie Rd or yet another Californian moving
north from droughts and wildfires (and CA taxes)? Either way, welcome to
the 'hood. You were a spectacular sight despite the visual competition
from 2 short eared owls and 3(!) rough legged hawks (plus ~529 red tails
and 2 million 27.5 bald eagles...approximately).

William Driskell
Seattle WA
206-522-5930 h/o

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