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My experience with these birds is that in the presence of a reliable
feeder they don't venture more that a couple of blocks from their food
source. If there are oak or hazelnut trees in the area so much the
better. If you are seeing them in different locations significantly
further away then the chances are good they are different than your locals.

I have not had this verified but I think that in the Pacific Northwest
these birds are more federcentric than they would be further south.

Roger Craik

Maple Ridge BC

On 2019-12-29 10:23 a.m., Pamela Myers wrote:

> Even though I have seen on 3 occasions 5 CA Scrub Jays in my yard (4

> are a daily occurrence), my son confirmed that number twice

> yesterday for the Snohomish CBC.


> I feel sure that there are several more CASJs in Marysville since I

> see them in many far flung locations around the area. They can't all

> gather in my yard just because of the peanuts I put out.


> Does anyone know how many there are in Marysville? Or why Marysville

> is so congenial for them? The first one I noticed in my yard was July

> 2014, shortly after I moved from CA. Perhaps they were looking for my

> peanuts.


> Pam Myers

> Tom Takano




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