[Tweeters] CA Scrub Jays

Pamela Myers pamelapiwo6813 at aol.com
Sun Dec 29 10:23:19 PST 2019

Even though I have seen on 3 occasions 5 CA Scrub Jays in my yard (4 are a daily occurrence), my son confirmed that number twice yesterday for the Snohomish CBC. 
I feel sure that there are several more CASJs in Marysville since I see them in many far flung locations around the area. They can't all gather in my yard just because of the peanuts I put out.
Does anyone know how many there are in Marysville? Or why Marysville is so congenial for them? The first one I noticed in my yard was July 2014, shortly after I moved from CA. Perhaps they were looking for my peanuts.
Pam MyersTom Takano

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