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Tweets – This morning was gorgeous, with frozen fog making everything glisten. The park is still somewhat flooded, and tall rubber boots and a lot of wading are required to do the complete loop still. I’ll admit we went through some areas of the off-leash area that were marked as “closed”, but where the water had already receded from the paths. It wasn’t tremendously birdy, but it really was a very pleasant last survey for 2019.

a.. Trumpeter Swan – flock of 4 landed at the lake, later flew north over the park office
b.. Ring-necked Pheasant – still at the Pea Patch
c.. Virgina Rail – at least one heard from east end of the boardwalk
d.. Wilson’s Snipe – one on far side of slough below weir; most of their recent habitat there was flooded
e.. Green Heron – seen at Rowing Club from the other side
f.. Short-eared Owl – one seen at model airplane field from the Viewing Mound by Mark&Lee, a mere minute before I got there...
g.. - four woodpecker day – but no sapsuckers. Nice look at Pileated
h.. Northern Shrike – seen by those who had no tall rubber boots and visited the East Meadow early
i.. Western Meadowlark – three in the grass of the Dog Meadow near some flooded areas
Misses today included Ring-necked Duck, Common Merganser, Cooper’s Hawk, Marsh Wren, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

For the day, 55 species.

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