[Tweeters] sugar addicts - from your non-birder birder

Hartmut Peters tuoichen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 20:16:45 PST 2019

Dan asked about tweets concerning non-hummingbird visitors of hummingbird
feeders. Well, we have been having black-capped chickadees drinking from
hummingbird feeders for a few (?) years. (We lost those yellow "baskets"
that fend off yellow jackets.) Then, some weeks ago, the chickadees were
joined by a sugar-addicted Hutton's vireo. That guy/gal hasn't been back,
alas, hence no photos. I was going to do a tweet on that but the
non-reppearance of the vireo threw a wrench into it. I was going to add
some notes on smart birds learning to tackle our suet (other than
chickadees and bushtits and Downeys). That's juncos, a song sparrow and a
wren, house finches still being too dumb. But the smart Bewick's wren has't
shown up lately either. Anyhow, some photos are here:


There is one video clip taken at 480 frames per second and shown at 16x
slow down. The whole 40 s clip corresponds to just 2.9 s real time. Note
that that addict chickadee is leucistic. She/he has been named Leucy by us.
The collection also has a photo of Speckly, our leucistic dark-eyed junco.
She/he has been around for quite some time.


Hartmut Peters
Seattle, Washington; tuoichen AT gmail.com
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