[Tweeters] Yellow-rumpled Warbler taking nectar?

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Hi Dan,

A yellow-dumped warbler or two routinely sip from hummingbird feeders all winter for the past few years; feeder also visited by bc chickadees, bushtits and an occasional orange-crowned warbler. Speaking of which, I usually get one orange crowned warbler but this year zero. Anyone notice an absence of these warblers?

As for the YRWA, they try to feed at the suet feeders as well but get chased away by juncos and other birds.

Seattle, WA


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>This is a first for me. Twice today I’ve seen a YRWA (Aud) perch at a hummingbird feeder to take nectar. Each time it stayed long enough to take 6 - 12 “sips”

>What gives?

>Any Tweets know more of such phenomena?



>Dan McDougall-Treacy



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