[Tweeters] Snohomish Valley/Marsh Rd area

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 23:08:30 PST 2019

A note about the Snohomish Valley area between SR9-Marsh Rd-Seattle
Hill Rd and Lowell-Larimer Rd: Last week there was a swan/transmission
power line mortality event near Lowell-Larimer/Marsh Rd where the power
lines cross a field. Nine collisions, 6 dead in 3 days.
Seattle City Light is working hard to prevent additional mortality. I
am assisting with this effort.
We have put poles with reflective tape streamers in the pasture field to
the east of the site to keep swans from using the field. When they are in
this field they have very limited room to fly up and over the power lines
when going into the corn field where the lines are located.
Also, Snohomish PUD has put up reflective markers on many of the
distribution lines along Marsh Rd. A welcome addition to help swans see
the lines in poor weather.
A huge thank you to Seattle City Light and Snohomish PUD for working to
keep power lines as swan safe as possible.
If you observe a swan hit power lines or see an injured or dead swan
in this area please call the swan hotline immediately at 360-466-4345

Martha Jordan
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