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Tue Dec 24 19:04:55 PST 2019

Hello and Merry Christmas to Tweeters,

Since we moved to Edmonds over 2 years ago now, we have had
a series of interesting Northern Flickers visit our feeders. Aside from the
usual run of Red-shafted Flickers, we have had a female Yellow-shafted
Flicker for two years. There have also been various intergrade red- and
yellow-shafted flickers. Today, for the first time, we had an intergrade
flicker with almost black moustaches. The bird has a lot of the yellow-tan
color that I associate with my Yellow-shafted Flicker. The black moustaches
are actually sort of red-black. This makes for a very striking individual.
I have put this bird on Flickr, in case you want to look at it.


May all your birding wishes for the New Year come true, Charlotte Byers,

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