[Tweeters] Great Day for Raptors! (WA/BC)

Stephen schasecredo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 21:54:15 PST 2019

Hi Tweeters,
Today a staff member at Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Ladner, BC mentioned that the soaked fields have forced rodents out of their ground burrows, encouraging raptor activity. Between home in Everson and Reifel we saw a tremendous number of birds of prey.

The highlights:
Reifel Bird Sanctuary:
Short-eared Owl working the marsh. Northern Goshawk (a containing immature) crossing the east slough towards the display ponds.
Six Northern Harriers (one grey ghost) on the ground and disputing in the flooded field just south of the park entrance.
Peregrine Falcon diving towards one of these six harriers.
Ten Bald Eagles actively harassing the large duck flocks foraging in the wet fields east of the sanctuary.

Ladner Trunk Road:
My kids stopping counting after 176 Bald Eagles between Ladner and 96 Street.
We also picked up an American Kestrel near 72 St.

The beautiful light-morph Rough-legged Hawk continues along the gravel stretch of Bylsma Road.
Northern Shrike (honorary raptor) at its regular spot on the power lines along Noon Road just north of Van Dyk.
Two Northern Harriers (male and female types) on Noon south of Abbot Road.

We enjoyed numerous other Bald Eagles and perhaps two dozen Red-tails during our drive as well.

That's well over 200 raptors - but of course the Bald Eagles had a significant share!

In Everson,
Stephen Chase

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